Got a Mobile Website or Application?

Got a Mobile Website or Application?

Worldwide Mobile Payment Coverage

Worldwide Mobile Payment Coverage

Mobile Payments and more. Billing, easy.

JunglePay is an Award-Winning Mobile Payment and Online Billing Solution for Web Sites, Mobile Sites and Applications.

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With fantastic coverage for 'Pay by Mobile (SMS)' and truly global coverage for IVR billing (phone payments) and credit card, there is always a way for your customers to pay.



It features internationalisation options, with over 25 languages. Change the look of the interface your customers see - for billing that fits right in. Whatever your brand or location, JunglePay will feel at home.


JunglePay as a widget

As standard JunglePay is packaged as a widget. A widget that can be integrated into numerous types of website formats and even mobile applications. JunglePay enables quick and seamless payments for all.

Easy Mobile Payments with Phone and Credit Card Billing, in one place.

Integration is easy as 1,2, 3 with JunglePay as our advanced Wizard is on hand to help all clients setting up JunglePay widgets on their website. You can choose the price, the type of billing and the style of your widget all from the set up wizard, it’s that easy. ‘Non’ complex lines of code to learn and use. Simply copy and paste the HTML widget code into your website once you have built your widget and you are done.

JunglePay enables you to start monetising your content or services within just a few minutes. Try it for yourself and see why lots of other websites are installing JunglePay to collect mobile payments.

JunglePay packs in over 80 countries for Mobile SMS Payments!

With the largest coverage of any mobile payments processor today, you can capture your customers from all over the world with one simple to use payment platform. JunglePay is easy to install and your customers find is easy to pay. A winning combination.

For you

3 in 1 billing solution
JunglePay is a 3-in-1 billing solution for all your online needs.

Charge for goods and services using a simple payment interface that lets your customers pay by SMS Billing, Phone billing and Credit Card. 

API Integration
Advanced installation includes a custom API.

Make JunglePay the way you want it to look and feel with our JunglePay API. Customise the look and design.

Step by Step Configuration
Set up JunglePay following our simple steps.

There are just a few simple steps in order to set up your JunglePay Widget on your website. It takes just a few minutes!

Web Compatibility
JunglePay works across all web devices.

Websites, Mobile Sites and Mobile Apps can all install and use JunglePay to accept Mobile Payments.

For your customers

Faster Payments
Pay on-line with any mobile device quickly and easily in just seconds.
No Forms to fill out
Simply send an SMS message to be charged. No forms to fill out to register personal information.
Secure and Confidential
Highly secure payments on any mobile phone and no personal information required.
Support when you need it
24.7 support to assist all customers with their transaction. Look up customers mobile payments on-line.









When your customers pay, we send you a notification of payment. What you do with this notification is up to you! Choose to implement via our Wizard for easy set-up or use our JunglePay API.

JunglePay is designed to be accessible to those with basic technical skills. Adding JunglePay to collect Mobile Payments from your website is very easy and we can assist you every step of the way.

For more advanced functions, you will need more technical skills or have access to someone who does.

You may wish to connect our online billing solution to your membership area, so that your members are permitted access upon payment. For such solutions, some technical work is required, but this should not put you off.


JunglePay API


To send us an enquiry please contact us. We'll get back to you asap. Or just simply sign up to get started!

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